PHE WMO Mangrove Education Park at The 4th SR Asia International Conference


On 25 – 27 November 2015, the 4th SR Asia International Conference was held at Jakarta. The international annual event organized by SR Asia is a network-based organization in Asia that promote sustainability through social responsibility. The event theme "Welcoming SDGs: Global Partnership for Sustainable Development" was organized by SR Asia to promote initiatives as well as the latest innovations of sustainability and social responsibility.

It covers a range of issues, including community development, employment, consumer issues, governance, environment, climate change and biodiversity, renewable energy, and sustainability reporting. These issues are discussed in a variety of programs namely Plenary and Break Out Session as well as Call for Papers.

In the Call for Paper session, PHE WMO Mangrove Education Park Program titled "Mangrove Education Park in Labuhan Village, Sepulu, Bangkalan: Integration of Environmental and Socio-Economy Aspect" was selected as one of the paper to be presented in the event after going through the process of double-blind-review by the  sustainability practitioner in Asia. The Mangrove Education Park Paper prepared by PHE WMO Community Development Team and was presented by Mira Tyas Annisa (Community Development Officer) on 26 November 2015.

The PHE WMO Mangrove Park Education Paper made it into the top 10 best paper in the Call for Papers session. From total of 32 papers were selected through a double-blind review, as many as 19 essays selected and received an invitation to present them at SR Asian Conference. This activity was followed by a presentation from companies and organizations from various industries such as oil and gas, mining, cement, consumer goods, banking, and agriculture, both domestically and internationally such Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Japan, Malaysia, and Cambodia.

The selected essays will be compiled in 2015 SR Asia Journal book "Welcoming SDGs: What is On, Where To Go" by SR Asia. SR Asia Conference in Jakarta was held for the first time after three previous conferences in New Delhi, India  and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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