PHE Operations Director Visits PHE WMO CSR Projects


In support of GOLD PROPER 2016, Operations Director PHE/PHE WMO President Director Beni J. Ibradi visited PHE WMO CSR projects near our operations area. The visit covered three projects namely; Taman Pendidikan Mangrove in Desa Labuhan, Bangkalan and Program  Desa Sidorukun Sumber Rejeki  in Sidorukun, Gresik.

The two days event were facilitated by several key member of PHE WMO management that consist of  Sr. Manager Relations PHE Didik Budi Hartono, VP. QHSES Iwan Jatmika VP. HSES PHE WMO T. Parningotan Pasaribu, Community Development Manager PHE WMO Sudaryoko, Head of HR Operations & Comdev – East Java Ulika Putrawardana along with community development team in East Area.

Beni J. Ibradi expressed his eagerness towards the implementation of these programs and wished that the programs would be carried out extensively in a spirit of sustainability for the communities.


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