SKK Migas - PHE WMO Provided Staple Foods for 1.000 Fisherman Households


Current draught due to extreme weather condition for the past three months resulted in local fishermen inability to provide for their family. For this reason, PHE WMO initiatied a staple foods donation along with SKK Migas on Thursday - Friday, 14 - 15 July 2016.

The event took place in Masjid Nurul Jami’ Macajah village, Tanjungbumi sub regency, Bangkalan regency while PHE WMO symbolically handed out staple foods to 350 fishermen households from the villages of Tlangoh, Banyusangkah, and Macajah.

“The initiative has been routinely excercised within our area of operations. This was resulted in the draught that occur every year within these communities," stated Amarullah, Community Development Officer for East Area.

H. Mansyur, a prominent leader within the community also stressed, "the majority of fishermen were reluctant to go out on sail due to bad weather condition.  The draught had been occured for the past three months. Therefore PHE WMO initiatives to donate some staple foods for our family was very generous in addition to the upcoming Eid that would take place in few days.”

Similar donation were handed out to communities near our ORF Gresik. 650 package of staple foods were recevied by households at Sidorukun village in Gresik.

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