PHE WMO Repeats its Succes for Obtaining Tata Biwara Awards


For fourth year in a row, PHE WMO has successfully awarded Tata Biwara for Main Catagory from Environmental Body Badan Lingkungan in Gresik regency.

The award was handed over by Regency Secretary, Bambang Isdianto to President/GM PHE WMO, Sri Budiyani on Environmental Day, Friday, 5 August 2016.  The event took place in Wahana Ekspresi KRT Poesponegoro which represents local government appreciation towards the Company in its commitment to manage the environment though comprehensive, consistent, and timely reporting.

The event entitled Save the Wild Flora and Fauna for Life“ showcased Sidorukun Elementary School in the exhibition hall as the holder of Adiwiyata award at Provincial level in East Java.  Through this event, we hope that one of our main goal to achieve PROPER Gold in 2016 coud be attained.


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