Board of Environmental Management in East Java Supports PHE WMO for Gold PROPER


Board of Environmental Management (BLH) in East Java has declared PHE WMO as one of the many companies that could achieved Gold PROPER in 2016.  The East Java BLH visited PHE WMO's one of leading program, a Mangrove Education Park in Labuhan, Bangkalan regency.  On Tuesday, 23 Agustus 2016 they were represented by BLH of East Java - which members consists of BLH Secretary, Bapak Sunarto, Kasubag Program, Bpk. Subarja and other staffs - to visit and conduct discussion with local representatives from Cemara Sejahtera.

President/GM PHE WMO, Sri Budiyani, conveyed his message that in  TPM Labuhan there are many type of mangrove and some consider rare type of mangrove. Local communities involvement in the project would be crucial therefore other mangrove ambassadors would come out to surface.

BLH East Java Secretary, Sunarto, stated that when managed properly, this mangrove park could created balance between nature and environment, as well as developing the communities' economy and education.   With total area of three acres, the park could be developed further.  Moreover, this area has been a place for birds migrating from outside Indonesia. The park is the first mangrove park in Madura island, on top of those previous parks established in East Java, namely Tuban, Lamongan, and Surabaya. As a result, Madura is expected to prosper from the park existance which may atract tourism in the near future.

Syahril, Secretary of mangrove farmers' group called “Cemara Sejahtera”, expressed his enthisiasm for the fact that tourists from the Netherlands and Belgium have visited the park recently. Thanks to social media account that he has developed to promote the park.

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