Community Development Program


Mangrove Education Park, Labuan Village, Sepulu, Bangkalan

To support this program, a mangrove growers association, known as Cemara Sejahtera, has been established, a building constructed to serve as a venue for meetings and to host the association’s secretariat; and a pine tree and mangrove nursery developed. As of the end of 2014, 3,500 pines had been planted along 1.5 km of coastline around Labuan village.


Waste Recycling Program, Sidorukun Village, Gresik

Skills training, assistance with the procurement of waste recycling equipment, institutional organizing and strengthening through the establishment of a group to manage the recycling of paper and to promoteeconomically beneficial handicrafts. The members of the group were originally scavengers. This program has helped generate income for the group’s members, who originally had no regular sources of income.


Tanjungbumi Batik Business Development Program, Macajah Village, Tanjungbumi, Bangkalan

By facilitating craftsmen to open develop new markets, the five groups of batik makers in Macajah who are participating in the program have recorded a 66% increase in their turnover.


Clean Water Program: Bandangdajah Village, Tanjungbumi, Bangkalan

More than 400 families in the village of Bandangdajah and two neighboring villages have benefitted from this program, which provides tangible economic benefits, with the minimum monthly charge being set at Rp 12,500, which is 64.3% cheaper than the minimum charge set by the mains water provider in the area.


CHSEMS (LBD) Local Suppliers Assistance Program

This program’s activities include socialization, field trips, preparing documents, compliance tests, program implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and pre-certification. As of the end of 2014, a total of five local suppliers had fulfilled the criteria and received certification that will be of use to them in similar industries (oil and gas).

PHE WMO has forged partnerships with competent third parties and promoted active community participation so as to ensure the success of its CSR programs. Based on this pattern, PHE WMO’s CSR programs have help forge synergies between the various stakeholders, especially the communities involved and the government.


Public Satisfaction Index

The level of community satisfaction with the implementation of the PHE WMO CSO programs is reflected in the Final Report on the Public Satisfaction Index Survey conducted by Trunojoyo University, Madura, which in 2014 averaged 87, signifying public satisfaction.


Program Achievement

  • Securing of Green PROPER Awards for two consecutive years from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (2013-2014).
  • Awards received by SMAN 3 Bangkalan and SMPN 5 Bangkalan, both of which schools were assisted by PHE WMO as part of the Adiwiyata School Program. The two schools won National Adiwiyata School Awards.

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